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3 Step Process to Evaluate GPRS Modems

GPRS Modems


Start designing with embedded GPRS Modems with the GoFer Development Kit.

FAST: Connect RS232 to your preferred microcontroller development kit and start programming.

Easy: Start programing in your preferred microcontroller environment.

Lowest Cost: No new tools to buy, no circuits to design, no hardware to build, no certification or testing costs.

GPRS Modems

GoFer GSM GPRS Modem

The lowest cost of ownership for embedded Cellular M2M Applications.

The GoFer GSM GPRS Modem is ideally suited for SME's with annual production volume of 25-5000 units/year.

The GoFer is a PTCRB certified GSM GPRS Modem, which operates as a stand alone device wired to a host processor, or they can be embedded onto a proprietary circuit board.  The GoFer’s unique feature allows you to embed the device onto your application specific circuit board using industry standard interfaces such as RS232 and USB.  The GoFer is a tightly integrated wireless data modem with built-in automotive grade voltage regulator solution for rugged industrial applications.


GPRS modems


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Key Benefits of the GoFer GPRS Modems:

  • Fast Time To market
  • Lowest cost of ownership for SME's
  • Lowest risk to implement an embedded GPRS modem

GoFer-E Features:

  • PTCRB certified GSM GPRS modem
  • Rugged industrial power solution
  • Low Power Consumption with
    1/2 the power of leading brands
  • Power Management and sleep features
  • Quad-band 850/900/1800/1900MHz
  • RS232 UART max BR 460kbs
  • USB 2.0 (Full Speed)
  • Small compact and easy to embed
  • Connects directly to a PCB
    using a 20 pin .050" pitch header
  • Compatible footprint wiht the GoFer-H

Fast Time to Market with an embedded GPRS Modem:

The GoFer-E has the fastest time to market for embeded GPRS Modems because it is a PTCRB certified solution that does not require additional testing or certification which is a process estimated by AT&T to require 15-20 weeks.

The GoFer integration can be fully implemented in less than a month where typical projects may require 1-3 months.  Other embedded devices require as much as 12-18 months of development time prior to certification.

Lowest Cost of Ownership for SME's:

For projects requiring 25-5,000 units per year the GoFer has the lowest Cost of Ownership.  The GoFer has no licensing, PTCRB testing, or associated certification costs.  No PTCRB certification requirements means you will save $30,000-$50,000 on testing and certification costs for your proprietary embedded GPRS modem design.

  • Save up to 17 months of engineering expenses
  • Save $30,000-$50,000 on PTCRB testing and certification

Lowest Risk to implement an embedded GPRS Modem:

Designed for Systems Integrators: Connect the wires and start using the device.

Designed for Embedded Engineers: Easy to integrate onto a circuit board.

  • Connect Power
  • Connect RS232 Signals
  • Connect Power management signals
  • Optionally connect sleep/wake-up, and status pins

No complex voltage regulator designs required, no EMI RFI issues to deal with, no USB impedance matched traces to design, no antenna traces or connectors to design, no PTCRB test labs or carriers to work with.

Which means the GoFer-E is the lowest Risk embedded GPRS modem on the market for embedded engineers and systems integrators.  New proprietary products with embedded GPRS modems are easily implemented without requiring the skill sets of rf engineers and other specialized expertise.